Buzzers Academy School Holiday Activity Days 21

For all Buzzers Academies, children are advised to wear sports clothing, including rubber soled trainers.

For our outdoor Academies, it is advisable to bring waterproof clothing (top and bottoms), gloves, sun hat, suncream and a change of clothes (we’re not afraid to get a bit muddy at Buzzers!). Children are advised to bring a jumper and/or coat regardless of the time of year…our English weather is very unpredictable!

Yes! One of our promises at Buzzers is that children will be encouraged to make new friends. We do this by using team-based games at the start of each Academy day, whereby brothers/sisters/friends can work together to meet and play with other children. We also ensure that children are in age and ability appropriate groups throughout the day and that they are also with their friends (new and old) and family where possible. Occassionally, we may run a sport/activity that is age specific. In this case, we will hand-pick groups that may result in children not being with their family member/friend for a short period of time.

Our Ofsted registration allows us to offer Buzzers Academies to children aged 5 years and above. You may book on to one of our Academies if your child is a ‘rising 4’ i.e. they are 4 years old at the time of booking, but will be 5 at the time of attending the Academy.

We have indoor facilities at all of our Buzzers Academies. If it rains on the morning of the day that you are attending, please do not be put off! At Buzzers, we never cancel due to poor weather! Come rain, snow or thunderstorm…we’ll be open!

Although we openly invite all of our parents/carers to stay and watch what we do, we do strongly advise that children are left to mix with the group as soon as the Academy day begins. The presence of parents at the Academy does tend to bring the shyness and nervousness out of children!

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