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Covid-19 Policy (Updated 14/9/21)

NOTE: This Policy was last updated on 14/09/2021 following the latest government guidelines. It will be regularly updated as guidance changes. 

The purpose of this policy:   

To protect children and families who attend Teachsport/Buzzers Academies and the staff who work at Teachsport/Buzzers Academies.   

To inform parents and staff of the main strategies Teachsport/Buzzers Academies will employ to ensure our academies are safe and compliant with government COVID-19 guidelines.   


Legal framework:  

This policy has been drawn up on the basis of legislation, policy and guidance: 

  • gov.uk: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for schools and other educational settings 

  • Public Health England 

  • Department for Education  

  • Association for Physical Education (AfPE): Advice and guidance 

  • UKActive: Advice and guidance  

  • Sport England: Latest guidance  


Children, Parents and Families 

Before arrival: 

  • Parents to take their children’s temperatures each day before camp. They must not come to camp if they have a temperature (over 37.7c) 

  • If a child feels unwell at all on the day of the academy, they should not come. 

  • Parents must explain social distancing and basic hygiene to their children before they attend, and ensure their children understand these rules and the reasons for them. 

  • Parents should ensure children are wearing clean clothes each day.

  • Children should bring a large, refillable water bottle, a packed lunch (NO NUTS), suncream, sunhat, waterproof jacket.    

  • Children should bring all their belongings in one clearly labelled bag that they are able to carry without help.  

  • Children will need to be able to apply sunscreen by themselves when at the academy. Please ensure they have had it applied before they arrive   

  • Siblings may be in separate groups, so must have separate bags with their lunch, water, own sun cream in etc. Children in different groups will not be able to mix or share things.  



  • Registration will be carried out outside of the building on the field and will be contactless.  

  • One adult only should be present for drop off.  

  • Social distancing must be observed when queuing at the welcome desk. We will mark out the queuing area to ensure families stand 2m apart.   

  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the registration desk.   

  • The main hygiene and social distancing rules will be on display at the registration desk.   

  • The Academy Lead will sign the children in and they will be sent to their pre-allocated group coach, who will ask them to wash their hands. 

  • Parents MUST drop children off punctually at their academy start time to ensure social distancing can be fully observed and children are able to go straight to their groups.   



  • Children will be kept in consistent groups as much as possible.

  • To ensure children’s wellbeing, coaches will explain the rules to children at the start of the session. They will explain when and where staff may have to wear masks and gloves. Coaches will give children the chance to ask any questions. 

  • Coaches will run through group rules with children including; hand washing; “catch it, bin it, kill it”, not touching their faces, social distancing, not mixing groups.   


  • Soft/hard to clean equipment will not be used. 

  • Most activities will be carried out outside but if indoor space is required, only large rooms (larger than 55 sqm) will be used and indoor areas will be kept well-ventilated with windows and doors (not fire doors) kept open where possible.   

  • Children will wash their hands after each activity.   

  • Coaches will clean down all equipment used at the end of an activity. 

Lunch and break times:  

  • Group coaches will supervise their children during mealtimes.   

  • Children will be asked to wash their hands before and after eating. 

  • All rubbish will be disposed of in bins provided. 


  • Coaches will have the following items with them at each activity/area to ensure good hygiene is maintained. (Rubbish bag, tissues, hand sanitiser & wipes).  

  • Coaches will also have a supply of disposable gloves and masks, in case they need to come into close contact with a child (for instance to deal with an injury).  

  • Coaches will reinforce basic hygiene messages such as “catch it, bin it, kill it”, try not to touch your face etc. Signs will be displayed around academy to remind children of this.   

  • Used tissues are to be placed in bins immediately. Bins will be emptied regularly.  

  • Toilets will be identified for each group, and children will be allowed to go one at a time.   

  • Children should wash their hands: on arrival at camp; after sneezing or coughing; after each activity; before and after eating food; after going to the toilet; just before leaving camp.   


  • Soap supplies will be checked twice daily to ensure they are full and working. The Lead Coach will have extra soap supplies to be used if needed. 

  • Contact points, such as door handles, will be cleaned throughout the day.  

  • All equipment wiped down at the end of the day.   

First aid and medication:   

  • The Lead Coach will be the designated First Aider.   

  • Daily medication should be handed to the Lead Coach on arrival at the welcome desk and all usual procedures followed. 

  • The Lead Coach will take the medication to the child at the set time, wearing face mask and gloves.   

  • A designated first aid area will be set up.   

  • Coaches must notify the Lead Coach immediately if a child in their group feels unwell.   

  • First Aiders will wear PPE when treating a child.   


If a child presents with symptoms during the day: 

  • The child will be taken to a specified area and the parents called to collect from camp.  

  • Any child who shows symptoms should be tested as soon as possible and remain at home until test results are received.  

  • Parents must inform Teachsport/Buzzers Academies of the outcome of the test. 


Collection at the end of the day:   

  • Wherever possible, just one adult should come to collect their child. 

  • Parents must arrive promptly at pick up time. 

  • Social distancing must be observed when queuing for collection.   

  • Parents will arrive at the registration desk and the Lead Coach will coordinate the collection of children from their groups with the support of the other coaches. 

  • Parents MUST only collect the children at their allocated time to ensure social distancing can be fully observed and children are able to leave straight from their groups.   



Before arriving at camp:   

  • Staff should take their temperatures each day before work. They must not come to camp if they have a temperature (over 37.7c) 

  • Staff should wear clean clothes to camp each day.   

  • Staff should ensure they keep their packed lunch, drink and other belongings in one bag.  

Arrival at camp:   

  • Staff should arrive at the site no longer than an hour before children start to arrive and should remain in outside areas where possible.   

  • Staff should wash their hands on arrival.  

During the day at camp:   

  • Staff should wash hands after sneezing or coughing; after each activity and before and after eating, using hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser provided.   

  • Staff should follow the same guidelines as the children as above.   

  • Staff to eat their lunch with their group.   

If a member of staff presents with symptoms during the day:   

  • The member of staff should go home.  

  • The Lead Coach must inform Head Office to ensure replacement staff are arranged for as soon as possible. 

  • Any staff member who shows symptoms should be tested as soon as possible and remain at home until test results are received.   

Leaving camp:   

  • Staff should go home within an hour of the last child leaving camp.   

  • Staff should wash their hands before they leave the premises. 

  • Staff should not take home any items from camp e.g. staff passes, sports equipment.